Take a Truly Awesome Trip Through London's Iconic Sights From a Drone's Point of View

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yeah, we can all do the 'tourist thing', visiting the sights and sounds of London town. But there's nothing quite like seeing Big Ben and it's clock tower, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and even the Gherkin, right up close and personal, from the air. Now that really is awesome.

I'm amazed they got away with flying a remote-controlled UAV over and around Parliament -- surely that's a no-fly, shoot-first-ask-questions-later zone? Anyway, what an incredible view, with surprising clarity and detail to boot. It certainly puts the AR Drone 2.0's footage to shame. I want one. Maybe Santa will deliver this year. Check out some of Team Black Sheep's other awesome videos, like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or a quadrocopter kitted out with night vision. [Team Black Sheep via Gizmodo Australia]