Tasteful Gifts for the Scientific Gourmand

By Leslie Horn on at

We all have foodie friends, but there's a difference between those and the ones who treat the kitchen more like a laboratory. We've got some gifts for the ones who rely on science with their cooking, or are maybe even just dabbling in molecular gastronomy. And who knows, your stomach might even benefit in the future when your friend makes you a delicious meal out of thanks.


When you're getting all scientific with your cuisine, one thing is very important--temperature. If you're off, the entire recipe could be totally borked. The Thermapen, an instant-read thermometer that will give you a reading in three seconds, won't let that happen by giving you precise measurements. £60 from Thermapen

Polyscience Sous Vide Machine

A sous vide is something that cooks vacuum sealed items in a water bath. It's a technique not for the casual chef, but for the people in your life who are foods on some insane level. This one will attach to a pot and change the temperature of the water from 59 degrees to 210 by just pushing a button. £500 from Russums


If you're pal already owns Modernist Cuisine at Home, they've got to have a centrifuge. It's something that spins ingredients at incredibly high speeds in order to separate them. And it's an essential tool for the super scientific chef in your life. £150 from Amazon (US)

Modernist Cuisine at Home

This is the Bible of molecular gastronomy. If the person you're shopping for is even dipping his or her toe into the waters of this corner of culinary endeavors, Modernist Cuisine is a must-have. And it's much more affordable and condensed than the full five volume version. £70 from Amazon

Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

Know someone who wants to make sure when they're chopping carrots, they're cutting them into perfect 1/2 inch pieces? This cutting board will satisfy all their OCD tendencies. £18 from PresentFinder

The Smoking Gun

The sheer thought of the Smoking Gun makes my mouth water. It infuses your drinks and foods with a delicious smoky flavor. You don't even need a grill or any fire at all. £50 from Russums

Flavour Injector

Are you thinking delicious thoughts yet? A flavour injector lets you shoot your meat up with any kind of marinade you want, a.k.a. it's a tool to make your food as delicious as possible by packing in all the juices. £11 from Amazon