The Kind of Popup We Like!

By Your Mobile Life on at

When it comes to the average smartphone, we’re often tied down by what’s on the screen defining the way we use our handsets.

With the Samsung GALAXY Note II’s Popup functionality, you can perform multiple tasks at once without having to miss a beat, leaving you the time to focus on the important things in life.

We’ve all been in that infuriating situation where we’re on the phone to someone and they need to tell us a phone number. What do you do? Scrabble around for paper and a pen? Ask them to text you afterwards, causing consternation and irritation?

With a Popup Note, all you need to do is remove the S Pen and an instant window to S Note appears, meaning you can jot down a number or message and have it digitally saved in your phone without an issue.

S Note on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Top of the Popups

And the power of the Note II is such that you can perform multiple tasks at once without having to constantly flip between apps. For instance, imagine you're watching a movie and want to know what other films one of the actors has appeared in.

Simply tap the 'Popup Video' icon at the bottom of the screen and the video will continue to play in a movable window, leaving you free to browse the web to find the information you need.

And what if you need to access the internet only briefly? The Popup Browser is your friend here, too. Whether confirming Wi-Fi access at a hotspot or quickly grabbing a link for an email, the helpful window will let you know what you need swiftly and easily.