The Oatmeal's Getting Sued Again

By Sam Gibbs on at

After finally getting rid of all that FunnyJunk mess, Matthew Inman's Oatmeal has found itself right in the middle of yet another lawsuit, this time all over a name and some greeting cards. Yep, that's right, cards.

Apparently the Oatmeal teamed up with Papyrus to sell greeting cards and other novelty items, which caught the eye of 'Oatmeal Studios,' a company that has been selling greeting cards for some 35 years. It's just filed a trademark infringement suit against Inman for the use of Oatmeal relating to cards.

While the FunnyJunk stuff was, well, pretty absurd, this time Inman might be in trouble. Mind you, the suit doesn't actually specify any damages, or anything like that, so perhaps it could be ended relatively amicably, but something in me fancies this turning into another FunnyJunk-style clash of epic proportions. That might bring about the demise of the Oatmeal we know and love, or at least its webshop, which apparently pretty much supports the comics financially. Hopefully we won't have to break out the "Save Our Oatmeal" placards again. [Ars Technica]