The Secret to Making Food Look So Delicious in Ads (Hint: Slow Motion)

By Casey Chan on at

You know when you watch a beer commercial or an ad about fruit or anything relating food and think, man, that looks absolutely delicious? And then when you go to the shop to get that same exact food, it looks absolutely nothing like the commercial. It happens every time! How do ad men make the products look so good? With awesome slow motion, apparently.

The Marmalade, a German creative production house, shows how they bring out the absolute juiciest bits and pieces for the commercials and it's even more impressive than McDonald's photo wizardry. The clip shows 'the beauty of high speed' and shows how their high-speed robot, Spike, is able to capture everything at ridiculously high frame rates to bring out the details. Delicious [The Marmalade via Design Taxi]