The Winner of Our James Bond-Themed 3D Printing Challenge Is...

By Kat Hannaford on at

As expected, Skyfall stormed the cinemas; broke some records, and even had a few of us reaching for our tissues during that scene. While the rest of us are now looking forwards to The Hobbit, opening next month, one talented Giz UK reader will soon be receiving a pretty unique Skyfall souvenir -- designed by their own fair hands in our 3D Printing Challenge.

Congrats to A. Sadeghioon, who took the iconic opening credits for every James Bond film ever, and created a design which looks like a bit of a mess from the side, but rather different when viewed directly-on... You with me now? Sadeghioon wins a Tokyoflash watch of his / her choosing.

Take a look through the gallery above for photos of Sadeghioon's 3D-printed model, and the other equally-as-talented entrants. Or, just take a squizz at the video below -- apologies for the poor quality; we can only assume 3DPrintUK's Nick had had a few drinks before shooting it...!

If any of the entrants would like to order a 3D print of their model they can drop Nick an email and request 20 per cent off their first order.