These MacBooks and iPads Made from Wood and Duct Tape Are Not Really MacBooks and iPads

By Casey Chan on at

People. Especially people of Florida. Listen up. If you get approached to buy a MacBook or iPad in a parking lot, don't buy it. Even if it's dirt cheap and a freaking steal and you need a new computer or whatever. Why? Because it might end up as a pile of wood and duct tape. Seriously.

The police recently found the wannabe carpenter/scam artist after he fleeced a woman for 400 bucks with a wooden iPad fake. The woman who had been duped said that she hadn't examined the "iPad" which was in a FedEx box. As you can see in the picture above, the duct tape is carefully placed and there's even an Apple logo affixed to the back of the wood.

After the police caught up with Torrance Canady, the purported scam artist, he said he didn't know that they were fake. The Smoking Gun writes:

During a post-arrest interview last night, Canady denied knowing that the seized electronics were fake, claiming that he "bought the computers in St. Petersburg and that two of the computers were for a girlfriend here in Daytona." He added that he planned to sell the other items "to try and get his money back."

Good one, guy. Good one. [The Smoking Gun via Miami New Times]