These Pictures Were Found on a Camera Hanging Around a Bird

By Casey Chan on at

In an unbelievable story that includes a fishing trip, a curious bird and a lost camera, a woman found a camera hanging around a bird's neck, posted the pictures online and found the camera's owner.

Karen Gwillim, the woman who found the camera, says she spotted the bird while driving:

"It was a cormorant, a black water bird with kind of a long neck. It had this silver camera kind of dangling from its neck."

The bird didn't budge when Gwillim removed the camera and seemed "relieved" when she finally got it off. Gwillim took the camera home and found over 200 pictures taken over a year ago of fishing trips, a wedding and other photos from around the area. She decided to post the pictures online and then was interviewed by CBC Afternoon Edition and finally found the group.

Lost cameras seem to pop up in the darndest places, don't they? [CBC via PetaPixel]