This Creepy iPhone App Finds Pictures of Your Facebook Friends in Bikinis

By Casey Chan on at

You know how you post pictures on Facebook? Yeah, people look at that stuff. If your privacy settings aren't expertly set, people are probably Facebook stalking your entire life through the pictures you post online. Even worse, people could be using Badabing!, an iPhone app that filters Facebook friends' pictures to reveal the pictures where they're in a bikini at a beach or a pool. It's freaking creepy.

Badabing! is completey upfront about its skeeviness. In its app description:

Have you ever browsed endlessly through a friend's albums looking for beach or pool pics? Badabing! helps you find them in a minute. Then browse, bookmark or share!

Yeah, gross. Basically, the app asks you to plug in your Facebook credentials and select friends you want the app to search through. Badabing! isn't specific on how it culls together the bikini pictures but it's probably using some sort of pervy image recognition software.

Is this wrong? Well, if the "beach and pool" pictures are available on Facebook for anyone to see, then technically no. But it totally destroys most decent people's tacit handshake agreement of not being a dickhead Facebook perv. So yeah, it's wrong. Stop creeping. Ugh, Facebook brings out the worst in people. [iTunes via TechCrunch]