This Interactive 360-Degree Video Is the Closest You'll Ever Come to Driving an F1 Racer

By Eric Limer on at

Driving Formula 1 cars is hard. It’s hard and it’s scary. Lucky for you, the folks at Red Bull set up a nifty 360-degree panoramic video rig on top of their own F1 racer so now you can get some of the thrill with none of the skill or the danger.

Red Bull teamed up with Making View to make this magic happen, and once you give it a shot, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that this sort of fucntionality needs to come to video of any and all things that move at high speeds. It’s not just static video; you get to control the angle, which makes it a total blast.

The camera used to film this is made by Making View and called the “View Cam.” Weighing in at a scant 1.3 pounds, it’s easy to imagine the other things this could be attached to to provide all sorts of awesome, immersive video. You can check out the interactive racing footage here but beware: spinning that view around and leaning it into the turns is addictively fun. Seriously. I could do this all day. [Red Bull via]