This is Why Google Is Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Not everyone loves Google; some think it's got way too much data on us all, and they may be right. But Google is still one of the most awesome tech companies in the industry, because it does cool, totally unnecessary things like this. The latest language addition to Gmail is Cherokee.

Yep, Cherokee, a language spoken by fewer than 20,000 people. Why did Google do this? To help preserve the Cherokee language, of course. Apparently a chance encounter between a Google engineer and a member of the Cherokee nation in the US spurred the effort. First out the gate was Google search in Cherokee and now Gmail, with Google and the language department at Cherokee Nation having to work together to figure out words for things like 'Inbox' and 'Spam'.

Yes, it might seem like a complete waste of time to the majority of the world, but to the 20,000 or so people, that's pretty awesome, which makes Google pretty damn awesome in my books. [Google via RWW]