This Sleek Clock Lets You Countdown to Some Terrifyingly Ambiguous Events

By Andrew Liszewski on at

No matter what's going on in your life today, there's always something else around the bend, something to anticipate or dread. This countdown clock helps you keep your hopeful sights on the former. Or the latter if you're a masochist.

The Mr. Jones countdown clock, aside from being a rather spiffy looking analogue clock on its own, has its own, built-in countdown mechanism that can support a wait of up to 999 days. When it comes to what you're counting down to, the clock comes with a built-in list including specific holidays to more vague goals like "Freedom" and "The party" to ones that can be construed as more terrifyingly forboding, like "They arrive" or "It's over."

If you need a classy countdown clock to remind you how long til "It's over" whatever "it" may be. You could always just keep count in your head or on paper for free, but there's something fun about the idea of having one of these on your desk and responding with a dead-eyed stare whenever friends and coworkers ask you who "they" are and why they're coming. [Watchismo]