Turn Any Android Phone Into an Ouya-Like Console With Green Throttle

By Gary Cutlack on at

Green Throttle is the latest company having a go at trying to capitalise on Android's omnipresence and the amazing popularity of the Ouya Kickstarter, offering an Android compatible controller to play games on your TV -- and backing the development of some games itself.

The idea is to create a "full console experience" based around your phone, your existing games collection and some exclusives made specifically for the company, pairing a Bluetooth controller or two with your phone so you have those traditional buttons to press and a d-pad and all that stuff that makes games so much... better.

"And you can just start playing games on the television" says the man in the promotional video, as if that's some sort of amazing innovation the world hasn't yet seen. If that sounds like your thing, the Atlas controllers can be pre-ordered direct from Green Throttle, with the maker promising delivery to keen developers in mid-December. [Green Throttle via Android Police]