TV Shack Pirate Avoids US Extradition With Compensation Deal

By Gary Cutlack on at

Richard O'Dwyer, one of the high-profile tech extradition cases the UK legal system has struggled to handle of late, has avoided US legal proceedings and the threat of jail time thanks to arranging a deal to visit the US voluntarily and pay a token amount of compensation.

The founder of the TV Shack site, which US authorities claim earned him around £150k in advertising while it was up and running, had previously seen plans to extradite him given the green light by home secretary Theresa May. However, a deal has been brokered that will see him travel to the US in the next couple of weeks, where he'll pay "a small sum" in compensation and agree to steer clear of copyright abuses in the future.

Once that's taken care of, his case will return to the High Court to be closed. [BBC]

Image credit: Passport stamp from Shutterstock