UK Sees Its First Grouposal

By Chris Mills on at

Scared of proposing face-to-face? Fiancé-to-be a big fan of daily deals websites? Then start taking notes.

For Amir Michaeel, proposal via Groupon's worked, and the happy couple now appear to be merrily on the road to nuptial bliss. The process isn't even that difficult - just get Groupon to agree to it, write out a description, lay yourself bare for thousands of Groupon users - and it saves the whole kneeling down thing.

Amir wrote up a whole deal, priced at the bargain price of £0 - and coming with features like "improved round design for maximum comfort when hugging". He persuaded Groupon to include the whole package in a newsletter and send it to his girlfriend Lydia, then hid around the corner and waited for the screams.

I despair for true romance. [Groupon via Metro]

Image credit: Groupon