Unflappable Patent Troll Not Satisfied With £260 Million Apple Payday

By Brian Barrett on at

VirnetX is not a company that, strictly speaking, makes things. It is, instead, a company that collects patents the way joyless millionaires collect hermetically sealed comic books: for profit. And while it just scored an impressive £230 million in a successful Apple lawsuit, it's not stopping there. It's out for a full-on iPhone, iPad, and Mac ban.

It's unclear what VirnetX stands to gain from its broad ITC complaint against Apple products, other than some go-away money. But, as AllThingsD reports, Apple's expected to both appeal the ruling and fight the ban vigorously.

These kinds of lawsuits happen all the time, and even if Apple ends up having to pay out, it's just pocket change when you've got £73 billion cash on hand. It's mostly just impressive that VirnetX hasn't just declared victory and departed the field. Troll on, you destroyers of our legal system and corrupters of innovation! Troll on. [AllThingsD via CultofMac]