Virgin Media's Web/Streaming/Catch-Up/App TV Service Now Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's Virgin TV Anywhere portal is now live, letting Virgin subscribers access content through desktop and mobile web sites or an app. The app option is for iOS only at the moment, so Android users will have to make do with the mobile site for now.

The site is live right now, though, with Virgin saying "up to 45" channels should be available for viewing online and through the iOS app, with the Sky Sports and Movies channels available as well if you already pay for them as part of your Virgin sub.

As well as the live stuff, Virgin TV Anywhere integrates all of the current catch-up services out there from the BBC, ITV and Channels 4 and 5, so if there's nothing worth watching on TV right now you can at least scroll back in time and watch that great thing on BBC4 last night about the history of bread. [Virgin TV Anywhere]