Virgin's Tied the Knot With EE and Vodafone For Free Tube Wi-Fi

By Sam Gibbs on at

After that little leak we saw this morning from EE, Virgin's gone ahead and officially announced a partnership with both EE, including Orange and T-mobile customers, and Vodafone, as well as pay as you go plans starting at £2-per-day from next year, for its London Tube Wi-Fi network.

That means that anyone on EE's three networks, or Vodafone, will get Wi-Fi thrown in 'free', although you'll probably pay for it somehow within your plan. For everyone else, you'll be able to pay for Wi-Fi access on the tube with daily, weekly or monthly plans. There's also rumours floating about that a load of hotspot providers such as BT WiFi will look at bundling in access, plus if you have Virgin broadband or mobile you'll already have access.

Virgin's expanding the Wi-Fi across more and more of the tube network too, with 20 more stations to be added before December is out, and a further 28 in early 2013. Free Wi-Fi on the tube has been nice, I have to admit, even though it's just in the stations, but I'm not sure I'd pay for it. Luckily, it looks like not many of us will have to.

Image credit: Tube from Shutterstock