Visa Has a New Virtual Wallet for RBS and NatWest Bankers

By Jonny Sullens on at

Visa's mobile payments system has been undergoing trials for quite some time, with the alternative to Paypal soon to offer RBS and NatWest customers a new, one-click way to pay for stuff while browsing the web on their mobiles.

It works in a very similar manner to Paypal and Google Checkout. Users create a account and store one or more credit cards within the system, then use whatever card's got credit or money left on it to pay for their new impulse purchase, without having to enter card and billing details on the seller's site.

Eventually the system will expand to include contactless payments, because what we all really need is yet another NFC tool to never bother using. is now being tested by trial groups of RBS and NatWest customers, ahead of a full launch in spring of 2013.

The trick in this initial phase will be getting any online retailers to actually use, rather than sticking with the safe, all-powerful Paypal option everyone's currently persevering with, despite it's growing unpopularity. [ via TNW]