Waiting For Your LG Nexus 4 to be Delivered? It Could Be a While

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oh dear, looks like Google's got quite a mess on its hands. It seems like Mountain View was slightly unprepared for the deluge of people ponying up their hard earned cash for the £240 flagship Android phone. Deliveries are back ordered to the tune of up to three weeks. Ouch.

According to an email sent out to lucky buyers, Google's having trouble satisfying demand, meaning that the Nexus 4 is properly backordered, and should ship 'within three weeks' -- not exactly what you want to hear having managed to throw down your chunk of change and get an order in before the sold-out signs went up.

Of course, that could mean it turns up tomorrow, but something tells me that if Google has to email and tell people it might take a while, a while it will take. Meanwhile, people are paying crazy money on eBay for the things, so if you do happen to have one in your possession, it might be worth turning a tidy profit on it? [Cnet]