Want to Watch Hulu, American Netflix or Stream Pandora in the UK? Here's How

By Sam Gibbs on at

Region lock is a pain in the media-loving arse; while we have some decent content in the UK, most of the US-centric stuff is locked to those actually in the US. Yes, you can use a VPN to get to it, but now there's an even easier way. Install this simple Media Hint browser extension for free and watch Hulu, American Netflix, and even stream Pandora in the UK, with one click.

As long as you're running Firefox or Chrome, it really is as simple as clicking install on the extension and bob's your uncle, it makes you look like you're in the US. If you already have a UK Netflix account, you'll be given access to the American library, which is vastly superior to what we're given in the UK.

Who knows how long this thing will actually last, but it's great while it works. Considering it doesn't actually cost you anything, it's certainly worth a try. Just be sure to turn it off when you're accessing your bank or something; you can't be too careful these days. [Media Hint via TNW]