Watch This Man Blow Up a Yacht in the Name of Safety

By Chris Mills on at

No, he's not a billionaire playboy running wild; this is just an ordinary man, doing his level best to help keep the gin-and-tonic-swilling sailors of the world safe, by finding out what happens if you leave the gas on in your yacht. (We've all been there, I'm sure).

The result is,rather unsurprisingly, quite bad: a massive hole gets torn through the top of the boat, and the unfortunate crash-test dummies onboard were found floating, facedown, dead-body-in-a-river-after-a-Mafia-hit style quite a ways away. Kids, moral of the story is: don't leave the gas on in your yacht when you go ashore for an evening of pleb-bashing. Oh, and if you want a really exciting job that lets you blow up yachts (and you don't like Somali pirates' pension plans), go work for a small yachting publication in Southern England. Yeah, I wouldnt've guessed either. [Youtube via CNN]