We Have Contacts!

By Your Mobile Life on at

With more contacts in our phones than ever before, getting hold of who you want, when you want them has never been more important. That’s why the Samsung GALAXY Note II comes equipped with all the smarts for quick and easy access to your colleagues, friends and family.

First up, it runs Android so you can easily import all your contacts from Gmail and Google+. This means you've got an address book bursting with added details like profile photos and email addresses just minutes after you turn the phone on for the first time.

Next, you can add your Facebook friends into the mix; syncing with the social network is a quick and easy affair. And you can import the phone numbers for those traditionalists who aren't on a social network yet from your SIM or memory card - old school!

Now your address book is filled to the brim – but you might have a few duplicates cluttering up the place. That’s not a problem for the Note II! Simply zip through the list, deleting or linking dupes easily using the S Pen – you’ll find the option in the Android menu found at the bottom left corner of the handset.

Favourites on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Focused Groups

Because you’ll be using your Note II for work and play, it’s also worth organising your contacts into various groups. It’s a two-tap process to add someone to a group and you can set up as many as you like, but the Note II gives you popular options like Favourites, ICE (in case of emergency), Family and Co-Workers to get you started.

Of course, you’ll call certain people more than others – your significant other, for example, or your mum. A handy tip is to save these contacts to your homescreen so they’re at your fingertips whenever you need them. To do this, simply long-press on the homescreen, open the widgets menu and choose ‘add contact’.

Tipping Point

Of course you can’t save everyone to your homescreen – that would be silly – so the Note II has some nifty additions to make calling and texting as easy as pie.

For example, when you’re browsing through your contacts, simply swipe left-to-right to call someone. Alternatively, swipe right-to-left to open a text message to that person.

To keep track of how often you’ve been in touch with someone, open that contact, then hit the menu button and select History. The Note II will then show you a list of all your contact with that person, including emails, messages and calls, both sent and received.