What's Apple's Next Iteration of OS X Going to Be Called?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The rumour mill has just coughed up a pinch-of-salt name for the as yet unannounced, but totally presumed, OS X 10.9. How does Lynx sound? It fits with Apple's penchant for big kitties, and considering the cats have been getting smaller since Lion, a Lynx sounds about right, but what do you think?

There aren't that many cats left, and while I'd quite like 10.9 to be called Tabby, I doubt that really fits with Apple's air of superiority. Then again, 10.9 might never see the light of day. The next version of OS X might be the one OS to rule them all, blending entirely with iOS. When that happens, all bets are off as far as naming goes. [AppleScoop via The Register]

Image credit: Lynx from Shutterstock