Whose Photoshop Skillz Won Them a Nokia Lumia 920?

By Kat Hannaford on at

It's a good thing the people at Nokia have a great sense of humour, because after seeing their beloved Lumia 920 dragged through the battlegrounds of Photoshop (and in some cases, MS Paint), I wouldn't be surprised if they started feeling a little sensitive. Nonetheless, the winner is...

...Rhiannon Griffiths, whose Dali-esque creation was chosen by us Gizzers. Rhiannon, we'll be contacting you today with either a red, black or white Lumia 920, thanks to Nokia.

In the meantime, lick your wounds over your lack of Photoshop skillz, by scrolling through the gallery up top to see most of the entries we received. Thanks everyone for taking part!