Why Would Nokia Want to Hire an Android Expert? (Updated)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A job ad posted by Nokia on employment network LinkedIn sees the company looking to hire a senior engineer to work on new mobile devices and software, but they're not Windows Phones. It's for Linux. Which is the core of Android.

The ad is consistent with Nokia making a tentative, exploratory move into Android territory. It says the new employee would be working in a "start-up environment" and developing "exciting new products" for future "mobile phone technology" the phone maker is planning.

If not Android, what else could it be? Nokia was believed to be working on its own Linux-based OS, codenamed Meltemi, but that's thought to have been chopped as part of the company's most recent round of cost-cutting. There's also the emerging Tizen OS, another Linux offshoot, but that's more of a Samsung/Intel party right now and it'd be very weird for Nokia to jump in there. And MeeGo is well dead as far as Nokia is concerned.

Which would leave Nokia's new Linux expert working on what? Something as boring as a Nokia Maps app for Android? [LinkedIn via Twitter]

Update: Nokia's VP of Media Relations, Doug Dawson, contacted us to say "the job post is linked to our previously announced opportunity to develop HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android."