Yep, Chinese Lightning Connector Knock-Offs Work Just Fine

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that Apple's shoved some security chips in its iDevice Lightning connectors it can pretty much charge what it likes for cables and accessories. Thankfully, nothing stops Chinese ingenuity. And yes, £3 Chinese knock-offs work just fine, so Apple can go stuff it's £15 Lightning cable.

Toxic Cables' Frank Donghi picked up a counterfeit Lightning cable and put it through its paces. Yes, it's cheap and a bit crap -- "there's no shielding of any sort" -- but it works fine, and for a fraction of the price. A word to the wise though, with no shielding, any audio applications are going to be riddled with noise, but if you just want to charge and sync your iPhone 5 or iPad 4, then these suckers should be more than up to the task. [Apple Insider]