You Can Now Buy This Insane-Looking Six-Wheeled F1 Car

By Sam Gibbs on at

The radical 1976 British Tyrrell P34 F1 racer, sporting four wheels at the front and two at the back, has gone up for sale. The expected asking price? Just £750,000. OK, maybe you and I can't actually buy it, but Richard Branson probably could.

The insane-looking design was apparently created to reduce drag, by putting the smaller front wheels in-line with the car's aerodynamic bodywork, while doubling them up to increase grip in the corners. The thing completed two seasons, with 14 podiums and one 1st position.

It's powered by a 3L V8, which develops some 465bhp, so it should be blisteringly quick. Apparently it's track ready too, so anyone who bought this thing could take it racing any day of the week. Now, where did I put that three-quarters-of-a-million quid I had lying about? [SWNS]

Image credit: Wikipedia