YOUR VIEW Name Owners Seek Injunction to Stop YouView Calling Itself YouView

By Gary Cutlack on at

The awkward battle over the YouView name is about to hit the courts following the earlier trade mark ruling, with telecoms company Total taking its claim over the YouView name to the High Court.

Stuart Baikie, MD of Total, said: "Despite the recent vindication of our position in the appeal proceedings we believe that YouView has continued to act without regard to our registered mark and business interests. We have had no choice but to issue infringement proceedings and we are confident of success."

Total's latest case sees it claiming YouView is using its name without consent, and is asking for both "financial relief" along with an injunction against YouView using the name, which would prevent YouView from calling itself YouView if granted.

Although it's unlikely any customers are overly confused about the two brands or would know YOUR VIEW existed prior to this fuss kicking off, as it appears to be little more than the name the company sues to describe a small part of its online billing operations. [Total]