Your Virgin Broadband Struggling With Streaming? Blame Unnamed 'Third-Party Peering Network'

By Pete Bennett on at

Many customers have found that the promised Usain Bolt-like performance of Virgin broadband has actually been distinctly James Corden-like in the real world. Over the last few weeks, some customers have been complaining that a crippled network has allegedly rendered browsing stalwarts such as streaming 240p video on YouTube an impossible, stuttering mess.

Virgin has acknowledged the problem but denied claims of over-zealous traffic shaping. Instead, Branson's broadband team has laid the blame at the door of an unnamed third-party peering network. Virgin Media told The Register:

"As a result of an issue with a third-party peering network, some customers have been having trouble accessing certain websites and online services even though their broadband speeds are unaffected.

We began rerouting traffic towards the end of last week which has had a positive effect and we're working with them to fully resolve the issue as soon as possible."

Anyone else with Virgin broadband struggling to catch up with this week's Strictly Come Dancing? [The Register]