YouView Loses High Court Battle; Lord Sugar Vs High Court, Fight!

By Chris Mills on at

Lord Sugar's budget TV service, YouView, has lost a High Court appeal concerning its trademark. In a screw-up worthy of a hapless contestant on The Apprentice, it's looking increasingly likely that YouView's gonna have to change it's name. Looks like Lord Sugar's gonna be on the other side of the boardroom for once.

The appeal is against an earlier decision by the Intellectual Property Office, which ruled that YouView's name infringed on that of the Your View service offered by telecoms company Total. The IPO reckons that the names are too close, and the similarity "could cause confusion". YouView argued that the name wasn't too similar, but the High Court told them (in so many words) to jog on - the decision stands.

So, legally, YouView can't use its name as its trademark anymore. Doesn't look like pesky things like the law's going to stop Lord Sugar though - a YouView rep said on the matter "YouView has no intention of changing its name, this matter is complex and subject to a number of on-going legal actions".

Brave words indeed, but Total aren't impressed; their managing director replied by saying they would take the matter further, and seek an injunction and damages as well. Ask me, I don't think this one's looking good for YouView - not even Lord Sugar can fire a High Court Justice. [TechRadar]