10 Best iPad Mini Cases to Wrap Around Your Dinky Tablet

By Abi Legge on at

So you've got yourself an iPad Mini, and now you're living in constant fear that your pencil-thin device could smash at any second. Don't despair: here are ten of the best cases to help protect your tablet from nasty dents and cracks.


1.) QDOS Libris

QDOS Libris

This faux-leather case features built-in stands for landscape and portrait viewing. They've even gone to the trouble of fitting the inner case with suede, so your brand new iPad is not only protected, but also receives the pampering it, errr, deserves. Available in red and black. [Buy the QDOS Libris from £35]


2.) Cygnett FlexiGel

Cygnett FlexiGel

As you might guess from its name, this flexi-case has a soft feel and features raised edges, so your iPad's screen is protected even when face down. Ideal if you're keen on light-weight cases, or on a tight budget after blowing all your money on the iPod touch-maxi. It provides access to all functions and is available in blue or black. [Buy the Cygnatt FlexiGel from £18]


3.) Proporta Swivel 360

Proporta Swivel 360

This innovative case incorporates a swivel stand mechanism on the back, allowing you to watch TV in either landscape or portrait stand modes. Ideal for the film lover. Only available in black, but it's crafted from "high-quality" and classic-looking faux leather, so we're not complaining. Much. [Buy the Proporta Swivel from £25]


4.) Griffin Folio

Griffin Folio

These rather classy cases flip open and closed to protect your tablet when you're on the go, allowing you to pretend that you're holding a notebook (thus tricking people into thinking you're a journal writer and/or closet poet). Flip the cover over and lock it at the back in different positions for FaceTime, reading, typing, whatever. Lots of designs available and unhindered access to all functions. [Buy the Griffin Folio from £24]


5.) Griffin Intellicase

Griffin Intellicase

What these cases lack in design flair they make up for in practicality: the flexible case folds over to the back to create an upright stand, and built-in magnets wake or sleep the iPad just like Apple's smart cover. Just avoid the (horrendous) digital camo design and you should be fine. [Buy the Griffin Intellicase from £28]


6.) Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor

Hungry for a way to illustrate your badass personality, but not keen on joining the army? These military-tested cases could provide the answer, no blood-shed necessary. The Survivor is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame so that it'll apparently survive a drop onto a concrete surface of up to 6 foot. Our advice: don't take it upon yourself to test out the case's robustness. Just sit back and relax in the knowledge that your iPod is snug, and that its case makes you look, errr, cool? [Buy the Griffin Survivor from £35]


7.) Speck iGuy

Speck iGuy

If small children are putting you off the idea of buying any delicate gadgets, the Speck iGuy might just prove a godsend when it comes to the iPad Mini. Incorporating EVA foam so that your iPad is always protected, it's ultra-squeezable (look at its cute little arms!) and available in a range of colours. The kids will fall in love and at only £20 we think you will, too. If you can ever get it back, that is. [Buy the Speck iGuy from £20]


8.) Mujjo Sleeve

Mujjo Sleeve

We've already declared ourselves fans of this iPad mini sleeve (and of all their other stuff too, come to think of it) so it definitely wins a place in our top 10 list. This hand-crafted combination of wool felt and leather (100 per cent vegetable-tanned -- we're told this is a good thing) is water-repellent, secure and, above all, elegant. There's even an extra compartment where you can store documents and earplugs. [Buy the Mujjo Originals from £44]


9.) Germanmade g.1 Case

Germanmade g.1 Case

The charm of this case is all in the design: Germanmade gives you the option of customising your own iPad mini case with a plethora of different colours. The wooden frame has an in-built stand and features an auto sleep/wake function, although it adds a bulk which might defeat the point of a tablet as compact as the iPad mini. Anyway, the g. 2 case incorporates space for your iPhone, stationery and even coins. Mind you, you'll need some spare cash if you're going to invest in this beauty -- it's £61. [Buy the Germanmade g.1 from £60]


10.) Zaggkeys MINI 9

Zaggkeys MINI 9

This case-come-keyboard certainly comes with its fair share of potential pitfalls -- not least, the compact nature of the iPad mini means that the keyboard was always going to be cramped (an issue which we've already pointed out). It's a definite step up from typing on the iPad itself, however, and I quite like the flexibility of knowing you can convert your iPad into a mini laptop at a moment's notice. [Buy the Zaggkeys MINI 9 from £90]