8-Year-Old Girl Finds A FREAKING GUN Inside of a Donated Christmas Present

By Kyle Wagner on at

Oh come on, people. An 8-year-old foster child in Harlem opened a donated Christmas present to find a baby bear. And also a real pistol, which she thought was awesome, and started waving it around and showing everyone. It was inoperable, thankfully, but good lord who is putting guns in little kids' presents??

Sheeba Anderson, a 42-year-old foster mother, received two bags full of wrapped presents from St. Anthony's Church on December 20th. The presents were a big hit, until Natasha Brunson reached into the bear's box and found the pistol. The gun had its firing pin removed, and its serial numbers scratched out. There were no bullets found, either.

New York City's Administration for Children's Services told the NY Post that it was "concerned". Which, well, obviously. The gifts were given anonymously, so it will be hard to track down who is behind this. But the simple fact that a real gun found its way into an 8-year-old's Christmas present would seem to imply that security practices could probably stand to be improved. Alternatively, you psychos out there could just stop doing crap like this. [NY Post]