A Book About Everything By Eric Schmidt Comes Out April 23

By Leslie Horn on at

Eric Scmidt is writing a book about the internet and everything called The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of Emerging Technologies. It's not like he's busy doing anything as the Chairman of Google.

Co-authored with director of Google Ideas, Jared Cohen, the book will be published on April 23 by Alfred Knopf Publishers. Here's a sample of the slew of topics it covers:

Who will be more powerful in the future, the citizen or the state? Will technology make terrorism easier or more difficult to carry out? How much privacy and security will we have to give up to be part of the new digital age? How will war, diplomacy, and revolution change when everyone is connected? What will be the impact of having both a full virtual life online, and a physical one?

Again, a book about everything. [Knopf via CNET]