A Day in the Samsung Life

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The Samsung GALAXY Note II isn’t just a device for those who love technology, but one which can enhance the lives of every member of your family.

Don’t believe us? Well, we loaned out the Note II to our extended family for use in a day and told them to try out three fantastic features from the handset and report back to us.

The features we chose were ones that can be used in all manner of scenarios. The first is Idea Sketch. This brilliant app allows you to insert images directly into the S Note service. There’s myriad reasons you would want to do this, from illustrating something like a shopping list to giving someone a visual idea of a present they may want.

The second feature we asked relatives to try out was Air View. Using the S Pen you can hover over a piece of content without opening it to preview what’s inside. Perfect then for those who have extremely busy lives.

The third and final feature we got members of our family to try out was Multi Window. With the Note II having such a great screen (5.5 inches, thanks for asking), the fact that you can have multiple windows open is something of a dream.


Idea Sketch

“No longer will Trevor come back from the shops with the wrong item,” said my mother, Diane, when I asked her about how she found using Idea Sketch. It turns out the feature was perfect for illustrating her shopping list with goods she wanted, giving my father visual references for things down the shops.

This is easy to do too, according to her. Although my father is an early adopter of technology, my mother is not. But this didn’t stop her from loading up the S Note function, tapping on Insert with the S Pen (“a brilliant way to navigate round the Note II,” according to her) and showing me the vast gallery of pictures available.

She didn’t have to key in what she wanted either – in this case, oranges – just wrote it in S Note and the handwriting recognition picked it up. She even went as far as drawing her own version of an orange, which now shows up when she searches for the word ‘orange’.

My father took this a step further and used Idea Sketch to personalise an email that he sent to me. While I don’t think he can draw as well as he thinks, it was great to see the power of the service come to life.

“I used Idea Sketch with my grandson too,” said dad, “and when he spelled out a word with the S Pen, he loved the images that appeared.” So, that’s three happy customers then!


Air View

My cousin is a self-confessed text-aholic, so when I showed her the power of Air View, she was amazed by what it can do. With Air View, you can use the S Pen to look at texts without having to be all fingers and thumbs about it.

“It just made texting easier,” said my cousin Katie after using it for a few days. “It’s just a lot more convenient to use Air View to get the message across.”

Uncle John also had a go and found a different but just as interesting use for Air View. “Having a lot of calendar appointments is great, but it can be time-consuming to check them all,” he said. His solution: Air View. By using the feature, he could hover over the calendar appointments and details would automatically come up. “No longer do I need to click in to see where I need to be day to day,” commented John.


Multi Window

Finally, my brother Sean is someone who seems to be able to do a thousand things at once, so he was the perfect person to try out Multi Window on the Samsung GALAXY Note II, a feature that allows you to view to apps at the same time on the device.

“Awesome,” was the initial response when he found out he could look at two apps on the same screen. “I love how the first app populates the top of the screen and the second fills the bottom.”

Sean mostly used it to sketch notes while looking at YouTube videos at the top of the screen. “The GALAXY Note II has always been great at note-taking, but now I can view something and take notes at the same time with Multi Window which just makes things a whole lot easier.”

He found it simple to use too. “I just clicked one app with the S Pen and it started working, then dragged and dropped the other on to the bottom of the screen,” noted Sean.