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Chances are you’ve heard of our bigger Yankee father Gizmodo, but didn’t know it's dropped its seeds all over the world. There are currently nine other rascally Gizmodo kids running riot all over Europe, Japan, Australia and Brazil, and since September 2011, right here in the UK.

Gizmodo UK isn’t your average tech site. Sure, we love technology and gadgets, but like any good nerdlinger, we’re also interested in science, smart design, UK-interest stories, and anything else that's remotely nerdy or geeky. Sci-Fi? Check. Lego? Check. Brussels Sprout tea? That's here too. Fact-checking some of the bogus claims made made Goop? We'd be stupid not to do that.

In other words you can expect to see amazing architecture you’d trade your Wi-Fi connection for; spaceships that soar to new and unexplored solar systems; futuristic automobiles and oceanic vessels that would make Q blush; military innovation and eyebrow-raising government farces, and of course, all manner of other weird and wonderful things.

Plus we wouldn’t be the Giz you know (and hopefully love) if it wasn’t for our irreverent, oddball nature. We're serious when we need to be, but there are times when you just need to have a little fun. We don't shy away from embracing our inner child or the sillier aspects of our personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you people?

We are Gizmodo UK. We’re like Gizmodo, but with extra ‘U’s and metric units.

Are you part of Gawker Media?

Nope, unlike our American cousins we are not part of Gizmodo Media Group (formerly known as Gawker Media). We’re part of Future Publishing, the same company that runs the likes of T3 and TechRadar.

Is there much difference?

Not a whole lot, and as Dave Skylark would say: we're the same, but different, but still the same.We publish a lot of the same stuff as the American site, though we make sure it’s relevant to a UK-based audience. We also produce our own news and feature content with our own twist. We’re also a little bit less serious, and aren’t afraid to be silly when it’s appropriate.

What if I want to read the American website?

Head to us.gizmodo.com, or scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link for ‘Gizmodo US’.

That didn’t work, what the hell?!

It plays up sometimes and trying to get to the US site can end up with you heading back here. Close your browser, clear the cache and all your cookies, then try again. That should work.

I just saw [X] here and on the US site, why are you copy/pasting their content?

A lot of what the US posts gets posted here, that’s part of the deal. Most of the time it’s not that different, but we do make tweaks to make it slightly more relatable to British readers. Color becomes colour, dollars become pounds, and lbs become kilograms. We also produce our own stuff, but since we have a small team we can’t just do that all the time.

Can I avoid the US content?

If you really want to. All the UK-made content is tagged, and you can see all that (and just that) right here .

Why did you post about [Y]? I thought his was a tech site?

Not quite. Technology is a core part of what we do, and we do love it, but there’s a lot more for us to talk about. We’ll cover science, smart design, UK interest stories, alongside anything geeky or slightly daft. That includes film, TV, Lego, or Walkers launching a delightful range of sprout-flavour crisps.

This article is too positive/negative! Who paid you to write it?

We do post sponsored articles from time to time, but they are always clearly labelled as such because it’s, you know, the law. They’re all marked as ‘sponsored’ at the top of the page, and if you’re viewing from the homepage you’ll see them highlighted in yellow.

Everything else we publish has been written independently. If it feels too positive or negative it’s because that’s how the writer feels, and unlike some outlets we don’t discourage them from  adding their own voice to their work.

The anti/pro [product] bias is disgusting! Do you expect us to fall for it?

The thing about bias is that it’s more noticeable when you’re deliberately looking for it - especially when it was never there in the first place. Writers add their voices to their work, so nothing we publish is ever truly ‘unbiased’ - and trying to pretend otherwise would be ridiculous. However, we do promise to be fair and honest. If something is worth criticism or praise then it’ll get it.

Your site is serving up dodgy adverts and takeovers!

Like a lot of sites we keep ourselves afloat by serving up adverts. There are a lot of them, but that’s how things are. That said, we don’t want dodgy ads either. If you see anything that shouldn’t be there, like dodgy links, full screen takeovers, and so on, please contact us so we can report them to our ads team.

Basic info on the browser and operating system you’re using would help, as would any screenshots you can grab. Obviously tell us which ad it was too.

Why were my comments deleted?

You broke the rules, said something libellous, or were generally being a pain. Moaning about it won’t bring your comments back. You can read our commenting guidelines here

Sometimes comments don’t show up because they’ve been automatically flagged as spam or because Disqus is playing up again. That’s a glitch, and nothing personal, but maybe try and not talk too much like a robot in future.

Why was I banned from the comments section?

Same reasons, but you took things to new extremes. All bans are final, so asking to be unbanned is a futile endeavour. You should be nicer to people, even on the internet

I’m never reading your site ever again, because of [stupid reason]!

Alright, take care!

Code of Conduct

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