Advantage Google: New API Opens Up Google's Vector Maps to Android, iOS to Follow?

By Chris Mills on at

When Apple Maps launched to an over-hyped amount of fanfare, one of the headline features was vector mapping; smoother maps that crucially allow the same amount of mapping detail to be kept with smaller files. Though this has been present in Google Maps on Android for some time now, developers of apps like Expedia have had to choose between high-res but large file size, or low-res but manageable. Thanks to the nice people over at Google, that's all changed.

In the spirit of fair play, the Maps API for Android has now been updated, allowing vector maps and indoor maps to be used by all and sundry. We're just hoping that this more friendly and open approach will carry over when Google Maps makes its way back to iOS; with a combo of Google's information data and sweet, sweet vector maps, you'll never get lost again. Oh, and Apple Maps will be well and truly screwed. [Ubergizmo]