Apple Shows It Can Fix Things Pretty Quickly, When It Actually Wants to

By Sam Gibbs on at

After the Australian police waded in over crappy Apple Maps sending people into the middle-of-bleeding-nowhere to die, Apple's already fixed the issue. Apparently it wasn't all Apple's fault, but it goes to show Cupertino can turn around and fix stuff fast, so why did it take so bloody long to fix 'Duncaster'?

When it comes to Apple, we're not used to seeing quick turn arounds. Updates take their sweet time, even for vulnerability fixes, but the whole Apple Maps rubbish can all be fixed server-side. Now that it's shown it can push out map fixes that quickly, why does it take so long to fix UK issues? Maybe it's just because Apple doesn't love the UK as much, or perhaps we just aren't complaining enough? Either way, Apple Maps isn't improving anywhere near as fast as it should, considering even Apple admits it seriously dropped the ball on this one.

Trouble is, the alternatives, including Nokia's Here maps are a bit shit too. Google, time to release your native map app and put us, and Apple, all out of mapping-induced misery. [The Guardian]