Apple's Currently Testing HDTVs at 46 and 55-Inches

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've had rumours floating around that Apple's been testing Apple HDTVs for a while now, but after Tim Cook actually said it's "an area of intense interest" that tired old rumour seems to inching ever closer to fact. Now, it seems, Foxconn's currently testing 46 and 55-inch Apple TV panels.

Things just got a bit more real, if this pinch-of-salt rumour proves to be true. At 46 and 55-inches, Apple would hit the popular TV sizes for Britain, which used to be 40-inches, but is currently climbing to around the 46-inch mark. Of course, as with all rumours, this could be complete bullshit, but I suspect there's at least a thread of truth here. Anyone for a, probably, horrendously expensive 46-inch Apple HDTV you can shout at? We've already got a crummy Siri-like remote out of LG, things can only get better, right? [Focus Taiwan via TechRadar]