Are You Sad That The Dandy's Going Pure Digital?

By Chris Mills on at

Today is the day, my friends: The Dandy, home to such lovable rogues as Desperate Dan and Korky the Kat, is going digital. No more will we flick through the musty, tangible pages as we feast on the latest adventures of Bananaman. The demise was inevitable, with the weekly readership down to 8,000; but is this another stepping stone on the road to enlightenment, or the end of real childhoods as we knew them?

As inevitable as it was, I reckon this is a good thing: the new, digital version of the Dandy is awesome, being fully interactive, and with actual playable games integrated as well. Nice as real paper versions admittedly are, they're all just a little bit last century, and I for one am glad that they're being left there. What do you, our young-at-heart readership reckon? Would you have fallen in love with the Dandy if it were hidden behind a sheet of Gorilla Glass rather than inky pages? [The Dandy]