Awesome Half-Life Gravity Gun Replica Saves You From Ever Reaching for the Remote Again

By Chris Mills on at

Anyone who's ever spent any time playing Half Life 2 will be pining for this replica gravity gun as much as I am. It lights up. Hell, it probably even makes noises. I don't care how much it is, my inner child is demanding it NOW!

This awesome machine is being created by the same team behind the toy Aperture Science Handheld Portal gun, and while it won't actually lift heavy objects around with effortless ease, the 1:1 scale and glowing lights will show all your friends what a sad loser you are. But hey, who needs real companionship when you can pay money and get a goddamn gravity gun? Sadly, it's not available 'till early 2013, so you'll have to hang onto your real-life mates until then. [TNI via Kotaku]