Banned Pirate Bay Music Promo Site Unbanned as BPI Admits Mistake

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BPI has yielded to public pressure and common sense, issuing the order to allow UK ISPs to unblock entirely legal music promotion site The Promo Bay.

The site was originally added to the BPI's piracy filter blockade due to its connections with internet bad boy The Pirate Bay, despite the fact that the site itself doesn't host or link to torrents of copyrighted material. The BPI saw the association with the Pirate Bay and assumed it was the sort of thing that needed blocking. That's the worrying, censorship-happy world we now live in.

The BPI has now rescinded the ban request, allowing UK ISPs to continue linking to the site, which is basically little more than a "shout out" service operated by Pirate Bay staff, albeit one which allows artists to submit torrents of their own tracks for free distribution.

BPI chairmain Geoff Taylor claims the ban was put in place due to the domain's past links to the famed global torrenting site, saying: "Until very recently, the domain name '' linked directly to The Pirate Bay and it was therefore a domain name blocked by the ISPs under the court orders. The newly reinvented website appears not to be engaged in copyright infringement and we therefore asked the relevant ISPs yesterday to no longer block it." [BBC via TorrentFreak]