Big Media Continues Its All-Out War on Usenet, Claiming NBZMatrix's Scalp

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another popular piracy provider from the good old days has gone under, with usenet archiver NBZMatrix collapsing under the weight of DMCA requests from Hollywood and further hindered by payment providers being wary of facilitating its deeds.

In a statement posted on the site, the operators said: "It is with our regret to announce that NZBMATRIX has closed. We have had to make this decision due to a very large takedown request from a company called Wiggin LLC."

The site went on to claim that, although it's always honoured DMCA content removal requests, it would be "an impossible task" to delete the offending files and subsequently police its indexing bots to avoid the reappearance of the targeted usenet indexes, making the decision to close the site the only safe alternative for its owners.

What with this and the recent closure of the Newzbin portal, the heady days of usenet may be about to end. [TorrentFreak]

Image credit: Newspaper pile from Shutterstock