BlackBerrys Will Now Burst Into Flames to Save You the Trouble

By Chris Mills on at

We all know Blackberries are a bit crap. But, at least it seems they've got some shame -- it looks like a couple of RIM's handsets are so ashamed to exist that they seem to be spontaneously combusting in order to end their miserable, BBM-ridden lives.

An unfortunate 11-year old had the misfortune of sleeping with a Curve 9320 lying on his bed as an alarm clock. Sadly, it looks like the charging handset had a serious fault somewhere, and it burst into flames, melting the poor kid's duvet. Thankfully, it all ended ok, with his mother putting out the flames and the hospital detaching the molten plastic from Aidan's legs.

The incident is being investigated by Trading Standards Authority, and RIM itself say they're going to look into it "urgently" -- though if they use the same "urgency" they've been using to launch BB10, don't hold your breath.

So, still got a Blackberry, and trying to justify the cost of jumping to a real phone? You've got it. It's not a matter of getting a usable handset any more. It's not about the godforsaken excuse for a web browser. It's not even about the terrible app ecosystem. It's a matter of life or death. Alternatively, if you're looking for a cheap way to beat rising energy bills, I hear a fireplace full of Curves makes a great hearth-warmer. [Telegraph]