Blimey, This New Tomb Raider "Survival" Trailer Shows Lara's Proper Hardcore Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yeah, Tomb Raider's always been aimed at a teen audience, what with Lara's genetics-defying physique and, err, guns, but hot-damn -- this latest instalment is properly brutal. None of that graceful aerobatics and prancing around, you'll be lucky if you come out of this one with all your limbs attached.

We got a glimpse at the future of Tomb Raider back in June, and it was a lot more realistic and, well, hurtful, but this new "survival" trailer turns it up to 11. Let's just say, it reminds me more of the brutality of Aliens than it does a pumped-up, frighteningly-gorgeous Scary Movie-like affair we were used to. This might be one modern Tomb Raider I'll actually want to play. [YouTube via PlayStation]