BPI Gets Serious Over Pirate Party Bay Proxy -- Maybe Sending a LETTER

By Gary Cutlack on at

The British Phonographic Industry is turning up the heat on the Pirate Party over its continued hosting of a Pirate Bay proxy, and is said to be following up last week's friendly email with a more stern letter. What next? A explicit fax?

The news comes via TorrentFreak, which claims "industry sources" are telling the Pirate Party to prepare for legal action to remove its super-simple proxy link to the Pirate Bay, a site supposedly banned from being accessed within the UK after a series of legal wins forced our ISPs to add it to the blockade.

The Pirate Party's UK leader Loz Kaye told the site it won't yield to any requests to remove the link, though, saying: "Obviously our position is clear, we have done nothing wrong, we oppose site blocking and think that the whole area is one that requires clarification through legislation. After all the Pirate Bay is not blocked by all ISPs, it is available via any number of services and we were running our proxy before it became blocked in the UK." [TorrentFreak]

Image credit: "Sexy young woman pirate" from Shutterstock