BPI Makes it Personal -- Threatens Pirate Party Members Over TPB Link

By Gary Cutlack on at

The saga of the BPI's battle to get the Pirate Party to removes its Pirate Bay proxy link has taken a nasty turn, with the BPI threatening to hold individual members of the Pirate Party responsible for crimes against copyright.

Previously, the Pirate Party has stood firm against the BPI's request to stop offering a neat little proxy link to the Pirate Bay's immense torrent archives. Now, six members of the Pirate Party have received letters from the BPI's solicitors, threatening them with personal legal action should the proxy redirect remain accessible by UK web users.

Pirate Party leader Loz Kaye said: "We had been anticipating legal action ever since I received an email from Geoff Taylor of the BPI. What has taken me aback is that this threat is personally directed. I simply can not see what the music industry think can be positively gained by threatening to bankrupt me and other party officers." [PP via TorrentFreak]

Image credit: Lawyers from Shutterstock