Bumbling North Koreans Ruin Another Scary Rocket Launch

By Sam Biddle on at

Come on, you guys. North Korea just sent another one of their dumb defective ICBMs made out of twigs and rubber bands into the air, where it quickly disintegrated and fell into the Pacific Ocean. Again.

The Japanese government, which doesn't appreciate rockets being flung around willy nilly, is pissed, despite the fact that North Korea has no idea what the hell it's doing. They say the rocket—which North Korea says was meant for peaceful, satellite-deploying purposes—passed directly over Okinawa, but no attempt to shoot it down was made.

Because really, why bother? North Korea is its own anti-missile system. Still, this will increase tensions in an already tense area, stall the peace process that could someday unite North and South Korea, and take more money out of the mouths of starving North Koreans and into a rusty log flume with which Kim Jong-un wants to spook the globe. [Al Jazeera]