Check Out This Awesome Drone Made of Freaking Lego

By Chris Mills on at

If bricks start falling from the sky today, don't worry -- it's not the Mayan apocalypse, it's just a Lego drone disintegrating. Turns out, even little kiddies can make drones out of their play sets nowadays.

The drone was built by the sons of "Lego enthusiast and programmer" Ed Scott. It's a pretty serious piece of work -- four motors, two cameras, live-streaming capability and even an autopilot. The whole thing was designed in LEGO Digital Designer, because who needs real CAD software anyway?

All in all, it's a pretty damn impressive feat for a couple of kids. And who knows, maybe next time we see a civil war, the sides will be fighting with Lego planes raining down Meccano bombs on little Duplo cities -- as anyone who's walked through a playroom knows, loose toys are more deadly than any goddamn landmine. [SUAS via The Register]