Check Out this Awesome Gigapixel of Mount Everest -- It's Like Being There in the Flesh

By Sam Gibbs on at

Not a lot of us are going to have the luck, or the inclination to drag ourselves up the side of Mount Everest, but with this incredible gigapixel image, you can feel like you're really there, kind of. That's some serious zoomage.

The glorious image is a composite of 400 images by David Breashers, shot from above base camp with a 300mm lens. Check out the tiny orange dots -- those are actually tents. And yep, you can even pick out climbers on the side of the mountain.

Breashers made it to highlight climate change, and the impact on the ice flows of Everest, but for the rest of us, it's amazing just to view. Waste at least 5 minutes of your dull Thursday afternoon here. [Glacier Works via Guardian]